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How Can EUTESTS Help You?

With our tests and enough training you'll feel comfortable about the real exam

Trust us, it is possible!

We put at your disposal our knowledge on the EPSO exams. The precious feedback of our users helps us to improve our service constantly.

Our online platform enables you to train where and when you want; At home, on your way to the office or during a break! If you prefer to print the tests, it is also possible with the save as PDF option that some of our packages include, so you can still train even if you are offline.

Works across all devices

Since the website has been created with a responsive design you can use it on almost every device, no matter if it is Android, iOS or Windows.

No need to install any App or worry about granting unnecessary permissions. With our WebApp you can just use the latest version of your favourite internet browser (Firefox and Chrome are recommended)

We take your privacy very seriously, and therefore we do not use any kind of cookies neither do we share your personal information with third parties.

It is not easy. However, with motivation and hard training it is possible to get your dream EU job, like a large number of our customers already did.

Join the Tournament!

We want you to get an idea of what to expect on the EPSO test's day. That is the reason why we organize tournaments periodically, where everybody can join for FREE and check their skills with other participants.

If that would not be enough motivation, we also grant prizes for the best 3 participants, even if you are using a free account!

Interested? Just log in to your account or create a free one, there you will find more information.


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1st 30€ AST XXL Package
2nd 20€ AST Medium Package
3rd 10€ AST Mini Package

Watch your progress

Now you can measure your improvement as you train thanks to our statistics.

They will give you information about how often you have been training lately, which exercises you are having trouble with and which ones you already master.

It will definitely help you to focus on the hard parts of the test and efficiently manage your time.

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