We offer different packages of exercises to prepare yourself for the EPSO competitions. The Numerical and Abstract reasoning are available in two difficulty levels so that you can start with the easy ones and advance when you have mastered them. In addition, you can change the difficulty at any time after having purchased the package.

Some of the main features of our product are the following:

EPSO like tests

The exercises we offer have the same format as in the EPSO exam, so you are well trained for the EPSO competition.

Account validity

The account will be active for 18 months, thus giving you enough time to prepare for the EPSO exam.

No installation

No plugin is needed for using our site. It works in almost every web explorer.

Safe payments

All payments will be done through Paypal, granting a wide range of payment methods and maximun reliability

Custom tests

Personalize your tests by selecting the timer and type of questions

See the progress

View your performance through time with the help of our statistical tools

Print the tests

You can save every test as a PDF file, enabling you to print them and take them with you everywhere


Our friendly support team is always at your disposal. Contact us in English, German, Spanish or French